28 August 2012

Delete Grade Item

Here are the steps to delete any grade item:
  1. Click on your Grades link from your navbar. 
  2. Click on the Delete grade button.

  3. Click on the check box of the grade item you want to delete, then press the Delete Selected button.

  4. In the Confirmation box click the Delete button.

  5. After the Confirmation box you will be taken back to the Grades List and a confirmation message will appear on the bottom right hand side of the frame.

*Note -these are the steps to delete grade items that do not have Associations. For example, if the grade item you want to delete is associated with a dropbox assignment, you must first delete the association. To do this, you can either go to the dropbox item and under the properties tab change the Grade Item to None or you can completely delete the dropbox assignment from the course.

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