27 August 2012

Retroactively Add Quizzes to Grades

It is possible to add quizzes to the grades area retroactively (i.e., after they have been deployed, taken, and graded):

You can make quizzes appear in the grades area after you have graded them. Here are the steps:
  • On the quizzes page click on the quiz name to edit it.
  • On the Properties tab of the quiz, click on the link to Add Grade Item.
    • A new dialog box appears - to mitigate the risk of confusion you should make the grade item Name match the name of the quiz
    • You can make the grade item worth any amount - Desire2Learn will adjust the score based on the ratio between the points possible for the quiz and the points possible for the grade item

  • After you add a grade item, click in the check box to "allow automatic export to grades"
  • Click Save and the quiz will appear as a grade item with the associated scores for the students who have taken it
    • Students who have not yet taken the quiz will see their scores appear in the grades area immediately if the check box to "allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion" is selected
  • If you need to change a quiz grade, it is important that you do this in the quiz area, not the grades area - a manually changed quiz score will be reflected automatically in the grades area, but a manually changed grade will not be reflected in its associated quiz


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