28 August 2012

Adding Grade Items

Here are the steps to add Grade items to your course:
  1. Click on your Grades link from your navbar.
  2. Create a New Category and name it. In this example we are creating a Quiz category to place all of our quiz items, so our Category name will be Quizzes.

  3. If your quizzes are worth the same points, you can set the Distribution. In this example, all quizzes will be worth 10 points each.

  4. Once you are done setting the options click Save then click Grades List.
  5. To add the grade items click the New Item tab.

  6. Choose Grade Item Type to be Numeric.
  7. In the Name box type in Quiz 1, in the Category section choose Quizzes. Set your custom options if needed, then click Save and New to continue adding the rest of the Grade items. Once you have entered the last one click Save. All of your quiz items should look like this.

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