08 August 2016

Create an Export File

If you are planning a move to a new learning management system, it might become necessary to export course files from D2L so that they can be imported into the new system. Exported files do not expire.

The embedded video demonstrates the following steps:
  1. On the Edit Course page, click on the link to Import / Export / Copy Components.
  2. Select the option to Export Components (make sure the check box to include course files is selected) and click Start.
  3. Select All Components and then click Continue a couple of times.
  4. Click Finish and then the link to download the export file.
    • Note that you may want to rename the downloaded file if you are going to download multiple courses.
Note: No import process is perfect, so you will be better served by importing your D2L course into a sandbox course in your new system instead of directly importing it into a course that will be used with students.