25 February 2015

From where did students complete a quiz?

You may want to know from where students completed a quiz, and you can get some of this information through the show IP address option on the Quizzes Event Log page. To see this, view the quiz attempt and click on the link to the Quizzes Event Log.

This page show the time the quiz attempt began, when each question was saved, and when the quiz was completed. There is a check box to show the IP address for these events.

What do the numbers mean? Each computer, cell phone, or tablet that connects to the internet has a unique address, and you might be able to use various web pages to look up which service provider has that number and where that connection is located. It does not point out the street address for that connection. The block of numbers that begin 165.196.x.x are computers that are on the Los Rios network, so you can be confident that any events that took place at an IP address that begins 165.196 were done using a Los Rios network computer.