24 May 2011

Recycling course offerings

Desire2Learn does not have a recycle tool like Blackboard does, so if you are done with a development course offering and want to start over from scratch, you can clear out the material using each tool's delete function. Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Not all course files may be deleted when you delete topics and modules on the Manage Content page, so check the Manage Files page to see if anything is there after you delete content topics and modules
  • Grade items cannot be deleted if they are associated, so clear the discussion, dropbox, and quizzes areas before you clear grades
  • Before you can remove discussion topics or forums, dropbox folders, or quizzes, click the Delete button on those pages first - you have to enable the ability to delete before deleting anything on those pages
  • To see the bulk delete option for news items, click on the Show All link at the bottom of the News widget first

18 May 2011

Correct a bad quiz question

If you realize that a quiz question has the wrong answer selected as correct, you can retroactively grade all students who chose the correct answer (that was marked as incorrect by Desire2Learn). In the silent video example, the instructor gives everyone who chose answer 3 to a question ("The Civil War") a point for that answer. [VIDEO DEMO]

16 May 2011

Grading attendance

I found an interesting article on a method to grade attendance in Desire2Learn posted by a colleague at St. Cloud Technical College in Minnesota:


Note that this method does not use the Attendance tool in Desire2Learn.

04 May 2011

Solving the self-contact issue

There is an issue with Turnitin's originality report that prevents instructors from self-contacting. This happens when a source is identified as another student submission to the same instructor. This occurs only when using Turnitin via a dropbox with plagiarism detection enabled.

To get additional information on the original submission, the paper ID number is needed. The paper ID number can be found by clicking on the info button in the lower-left corner of the Turnitin window:
Then contact the Turnitin help desk. There are three ways to do this:
  1. Create a ticket online at http://turnitin.com/help/helpdesk.asp
  2. Email at TiiSupport@turnitin.com
  3. Phone at 866-816-5046 ext. 241
    Mon. - Fri. 6am-11pm Pacific, and Sat. - Sun. 2pm-11pm PDT

Printing a quiz

To print all questions and answers, with correct ones indicated, and including feedback for a single quiz, print an attempt. You can preview the quiz to generate an attempt if students have not taken it yet. Make sure to check the box to allow the preview attempt to be graded.

You can then search for the attempt on the grade quiz page and print it. Each question's feedback can be displayed prior to printing the quiz attempt.