20 March 2013

Find Captioned Videos

To help ensure that your instructional material is accessible to students with disabilities, there are a couple of tricks you can use to find videos that have already been captioned.

12 March 2013

Add Sections to a Manually Created Course Offering

In Los Rios we use the Holding Tank to manage the integration of user data and enrollment between our SIS and D2L, and this prevents course offerings that are created manually (i.e., outside the Holding Tank) from having sections added to them. Sections are useful for bulk enrollment, which is a tool that is more likely to be used in a course offering that is created manually. Even a system administrator cannot manually add sections to a course offering, but this video shows a workaround.

05 March 2013

Links to Course Offerings Disappear

If a link to a course offering does not appear on your homepage, it is possible that part of the course organization menu has been collapsed. This video shows how to use the collapse/expand button to manage the appearance of links to course offerings.

04 March 2013

Automatically Submit Quiz Scores to Grades

If you forget to check the box to have Quiz scores automatically sent to the Grades tool and want to know how to get scores sent after students have submitted attempts, this video shows how.