26 June 2008

Decide when students see test results

You can schedule when grade information on tests appears to students. The default view for students to view test grades does not allow a date to access as it presumes immediate availability. To set a date for students to view more details, go to the quiz, then Submission Views, then add an Additional View. You will see parameters for View Restrictions that enables one to set a date in the future (or now).

06 June 2008

Email issues

Sending email works best when it is used from the classlist, as the email tool has options that might be confusing. From the email tool, the address book has people from across the district who have no connection to the user (i.e., they are not classmates or instructors for that student). From the classlist, a user can select an individual or group of individuals to send an email to.

Dropbox file save options

The dropbox is the tool you can use to collect file submissions from students. Students do not have the option to save a file in the dropbox, but they can save a file in their locker and submit the file directly to the dropbox from their locker. There is an option on the dropbox submission area for students to choose a file from their locker, group locker or from their local computer.

05 June 2008

Locker storage limit

The district IT staff is currently discussing how high they can increase the storage limit for the locker (currently 1MB). I will update this post as I find out more.

Email addresses

Each user account has an email address associated when created, which for students is the iMail address and for instructors is the Los Rios email address. Instructor users can change their email addresses. Student users cannot change their email addresses. They can set up their iMail forwarding preferences to have messages sent to that address forwarded to any other email address. There is a second place to indicate an email address that all users can access. This is the Reply To address. To change this, select the Preferences link in the My Settings widget on the My Home page and then click on the Email tab. The Reply To address does not replace the email address associated with a user's account. If a user types something in this field, that address becomes the "From" address for all messages sent by that user from inside Desire2Learn. An instructor can always email from the Classlist to the students' iMail addresses.