06 June 2008

Email issues

Sending email works best when it is used from the classlist, as the email tool has options that might be confusing. From the email tool, the address book has people from across the district who have no connection to the user (i.e., they are not classmates or instructors for that student). From the classlist, a user can select an individual or group of individuals to send an email to.


Scott Crosier said...

Is it possible to create a widget that would sit on the course home page that would allow the students to send us an e-mail using the e-mail function in D2L?

I know I could write the HTML for a MAILTO: command, but I would prefer to use the e-mail function in D2L.

Gregory Beyrer said...

That's a great idea, Scott. It would require some fancy scripting but I bet it can be done. I'll submit it as a feature request.