11 May 2012

Sharing Course Materials with Other Instructors

An easy way for a couple of instructors to share resources via D2L is through a development course offering, which one instructor would create and then enroll the other as an instructor in the same course offering. (Development course offerings have no automatic enrollment except for the instructor who requested them.)

To do this, on the Employee Self-Service page there is a link to “D2L Development Course Requests.” That page has help with thestep-by-step instructions, which are basically the same as requesting an official course offering.

The course offering will be created the following morning (like official course offerings), and then the instructor who made the request can manually enroll anyone in via the classlist.

Once course materials have been uploaded and/or created inside the development course offering, any of the enrolled instructors can copy the material over from the development course offering to an official course offering.