31 March 2014

Print Grade Report

The best option for printing a grade report for an individual student is via the User Progress tool, which can be accessed via Enter Grades, Edit Course, or the Classlist.

On the User Progress Page, click the Grades link and then the Print link. Click to expand the Grades Received header if you want all graded items to appear (you may have to click a link to Load More if there are more than ten items).

There is a button on this page to Print.

Note: Students can do this for themselves! They can access their personal progress reports via the View my progress link in the My Settings widget on their homepage.

21 March 2014

Small Logo Navigation Theme Available

A second navigation theme is available for CRC faculty that has a smaller logo and course title and thereby makes more web browser space available for course materials and content. This theme can be applied to any customized navbar, so instructors who have not yet done so will need to make a copy of the default navbar to apply this theme. The demonstration video shows how.

Note that changing the theme will not change any of the links that are on the navbar.

19 February 2014

View Student List by Class of Enrollment

In a course offering that has multiple courses grouped together, it is easy to view students by class of enrollment. This is especially useful when submitting grades at the end of the semester, as the online grades and rosters system only allows us to submit grades for one class at a time.

09 January 2014

Upload Videos to Google Drive and Embed in Desire2Learn

This is cross-posted on Greg's Google Blog

Video files can be uploaded to an instructor's Los Rios Google Drive and then embedded within a course offering on Desire2Learn. This video shows how to do this and includes an option to prohibit downloading by viewers.

06 December 2013

Use Fill in the Blanks for students to type a list

Here is a sample question that an instructor wants to ask: List the three macronutrients. The correct answers are carbohydrates, protein, and lipids or fats. To have this question automatically graded, use Fill in the Blanks.
  1. Change the question text as follows: List the three macronutrients in alphabetical order and make it worth 3 points.
  2. Give the question three Texts and three Blanks in alternating order:
    • Text #1: Contains the question text and ends with an empty paragraph (type the Enter key)
    • Blank #2: One Answer (cho), size 10, weight 33.33%
    • Text #2: Contains only a empty paragraph (type the Enter key)
    • Blank #2: Two Answers (fats and lipids), size 10, each answer has weight 33.33%
    • Text #3: Contains only a empty paragraph (type the Enter key)
    • Blank #3: One Answer (protein), size 10, weight 33.33% 
More than one Answer can be associated with a Blank, and whatever a student types in that Blank will be checked against each of the Answers associated with that Blank. All four words could be listed as Answers for each Blank, but then a student could get full credit for typing the same word in all three Blanks; hence the requirement they be written in alphabetical order.
When creating a complex FIB question like this, adding additional Text and Blank entries will be at the bottom of the question so they have to be added in sequence. A new FIB question has the sequence Text-Blank-Text, so to create the structure in this sample the correct steps are to add a Blank, then a Text, then a Blank.
Without those empty-paragraph text boxes, the blanks will run together in a single line and the order in which students should write the answer might not be obvious. The blank paragraphs are there to force the answer boxes to appear in a single column on the page.