02 September 2014

Manual Enrollment

Our integration with PeopleSoft takes care of all official enrollment transactions related to students, including drops, but you can still manually enroll another user (student or faculty).

NOTE: The enrollment status for manually enrolled users must be changed manually and will not be changed based on any changes in the user's official enrollment status (i.e., a "Wait_listed" user will not be changed to "Student" if the student officially enrolls in the class; nor will that user be removed from a D2L course offering if the student does not officially enroll in the class).
  • On the Classlist page, click Add Participants and then click on Add an existing user
  • Type a name or username into the search box and click the Search button
    Note: A user already enrolled in your course offering will not appear on the search results page.
  • Click in the check box to select the correct user and assign a role in your course offering:
    • Student
    • Instructor
    • TA-Grader has access to the grades tool and can assign grades
    • TA- Discuss has access to the discussion tool and can create forums and topics
    • Leader - this role has the same privileges as an Instructor and is for club and organization accounts
    • Member - this role has the same privileges as a Student and is for club and organization accounts
    • Wait_listed - this role has the same privileges as a Student and is there to remind you that this user is not officially enrolled in your class (you can remove or change this user's role once the student's status is resolved)
  • For course accounts, a manually enrolled user must be assigned to a section (this does not apply to club and organization accounts)
  • Click the Enroll Selected Users button. Note that there is an option to send an enrollment email.

29 August 2014

Grading Discussion (since August 2014)

Grading discussion as you read appears no longer to be an option, which is quite frustrating. Here are the steps I plan to follow:
  1. Open two browser tabs, one on discussion and the other on grades
  2. In the grades tab, click on the action menu for the discussion topic’s grade item and select Enter Grades
  3. For each student who has contributed to that topic, a bubble appears in the Submissions column. Click on the bubble and a feedback window opens for that student for that grade item.
  4. The feedback window includes all of the posts made by that student within that topic and a place to type a score and feedback. Make sure to check the Published box so the score is transferred to the grade item when Save is clicked.
  5. In the other browser window, mark as read all the discussion posts that were just graded. Fortunately a topic can be searched for all posts by a student by typing the student’s name in the search box and then marking all results as read by clicking the action menu for any of the posts in the search results.

I guess I could grade in context by reading the posts in one window and then grading in the other.

11 August 2014

User Progress for Inactive Course Offerings

The active status of a course offering affects the ability to view user progress. When a course offering is inactive, the user progress data linked from the Classlist and View User Progress (linked from the Edit Course page) is limed. The specific data for each tool is always viewable.

06 May 2014

Content Access Stats and Videos

There are three ways to post videos in the content area of Desire2Learn, and the method you choose affects whether the amount of time students spend on the video is recorded:
  1. External link - This is an easy way to link to videos online, especially those that are on servers that are not delivered securely. Whether a student clicks on the link is recorded, but the amount of time they spend is not recorded. It does not matter whether the external link is set to open in a new browser window.
  2. File with a quicklink - This allows the instructor to provide context for the video before the student clicks on it to watch. It also can be set to open in a new browser window, which saves students from having to deal with the security warning for videos that are not delivered securely. The amount of time that students spend watching the video (as long as they do not navigate away from the original content file) is recorded.
  3. Video embedded within a file - For videos delivered securely, this is a nice option. It allows the instructor to type instructional context around the video window and students can watch the video while still within the Desire2Learn course offering. The amount of time students spend watching the video is recorded.
The attached image shows the access stats for the same YouTube video shared with each of these views. 

28 April 2014

D2L Grader App for the iPad

The Grader app allows instructors to download submissions to dropbox folders in their course offerings for offline grading. It is free and only available for the iPad.