11 August 2014

User Progress for Inactive Course Offerings

The active status of a course offering affects the ability to view user progress. When a course offering is inactive, the user progress data linked from the Classlist and View User Progress (linked from the Edit Course page) is limed. The specific data for each tool is always viewable.

06 May 2014

Content Access Stats and Videos

There are three ways to post videos in the content area of Desire2Learn, and the method you choose affects whether the amount of time students spend on the video is recorded:
  1. External link - This is an easy way to link to videos online, especially those that are on servers that are not delivered securely. Whether a student clicks on the link is recorded, but the amount of time they spend is not recorded. It does not matter whether the external link is set to open in a new browser window.
  2. File with a quicklink - This allows the instructor to provide context for the video before the student clicks on it to watch. It also can be set to open in a new browser window, which saves students from having to deal with the security warning for videos that are not delivered securely. The amount of time that students spend watching the video (as long as they do not navigate away from the original content file) is recorded.
  3. Video embedded within a file - For videos delivered securely, this is a nice option. It allows the instructor to type instructional context around the video window and students can watch the video while still within the Desire2Learn course offering. The amount of time students spend watching the video is recorded.
The attached image shows the access stats for the same YouTube video shared with each of these views. 

28 April 2014

D2L Grader App for the iPad

The Grader app allows instructors to download submissions to dropbox folders in their course offerings for offline grading. It is free and only available for the iPad.

31 March 2014

Print Grade Report

The best option for printing a grade report for an individual student is via the User Progress tool, which can be accessed via Enter Grades, Edit Course, or the Classlist.

On the User Progress Page, click the Grades link and then the Print link. Click to expand the Grades Received header if you want all graded items to appear (you may have to click a link to Load More if there are more than ten items).

There is a button on this page to Print.

Note: Students can do this for themselves! They can access their personal progress reports via the View my progress link in the My Settings widget on their homepage.

21 March 2014

Small Logo Navigation Theme Available

A second navigation theme is available for CRC faculty that has a smaller logo and course title and thereby makes more web browser space available for course materials and content. This theme can be applied to any customized navbar, so instructors who have not yet done so will need to make a copy of the default navbar to apply this theme. The demonstration video shows how.

Note that changing the theme will not change any of the links that are on the navbar.