20 October 2015

Excusing a Student's Grade

The option to drop ungraded items can be used to excuse a particular assignment from a student's grade in a class. The assignment still appears on the Grades page, but without a score it will be excluded from the final grade calculation.
Grade Calculations options
The first step is to choose the correct option is chosen on the Calculation Options page, which can be accessed via the Settings link on the Grades page. In the Grade Calculations section of this page, click in the radio button for "Drop ungraded items" and then click the Save button. Remember to enter a score of 0 for those students who were not granted an excuse to miss the assignment.

Then when entering grades, keep the score field blank for any students who are excused from doing that assignment. The item will not be included in the calculations for the final grade. An explanatory comment can even be added.
comparison of two students' grades with one excused assignment
Comparison of two students' grades with one excused assignment.

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