27 August 2012

Student view of User Progress

Students can now see the User Progress report. It is accessible to them in one of two places:
  1. From the Classlist, they can see it by clicking on the view progress icon (the only icon visible is for the student who is logged in).
  2. From the My Home page, there is a link to "View my progress" in the My Settings widget. This shows that student's user progress only for the last course offering from within which they viewed their progress.
    • Because some instructors choose to remove the classlist from the navbar and this would prohibit students from seeing their progress reports, I have added the My Settings widget to the default course homepage for CRC course offerings. Adding a widget cannot be retroactively applied, so those who wish to keep the classlist hidden can choose to add the My Settings widget to their course homepages.
Once viewing the progress report, the student can choose to view the statistics for all of the various tools that report data (Checklist, Competencies, Content, Discussions, Dropbox, Grades, Quizzes, Surveys). Note that the student can only see his or her data and nothing about other users.

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