24 August 2012

Link to a Course File from the Navbar

You can link to a course file directly from the navbar. This is a useful way to make an important file to students always available, no matter where they are inside your course offering.
The file must first be in your Manage Files area. If you uploaded it as a content topic, it is already there. If not, here are the steps:
  1. Go to Edit Course and then the Manage Files page.
  2. Click the upload button to select a file from your local computer to add to this page.
Once a file is in your Manage Files area, you can add a link to it on the navbar:
  1. Go to Edit Course and then the Navigation page.
  2. Click the name of the currently active navbar for your course. Note: The default active navbar for CRC courses is called "CRC_brand_NavShell (Go Hawks!)."
  3. Click on the Links tab.
  4. Click the Actions button of the navbar (Bottom Left, etc.) where you want to add the file link.
  5. Click on Add New Custom Link.
  6. Type in the Name you want the navbar to display (this is what students will click on to activate the link).
  7. Click on the Insert Quicklink icon.
  8. Choose the Category of where the particular file is located, then under Content select file and click the Insert button.
  9. Select if you want the link to appear in the Same Window with Navbar, Entire Window or New Window then click the Save and Close button.
  10. Refresh your page and the new link should appear in the navbar.

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