27 August 2012

Notes on Links

Characteristics of Links, which is a navbar option that allows you to add an annotated bibliography of external web sites:
  • Neither the categories nor links can be restricted (by date or release condition)
  • All categories (including the category description) and links (including the link description) appear by default on the links page
  • If you change the default setting and turn off open in new window, the linked page will replace the entire Desire2Learn page (not just the bottom frame of the page), so I strongly recommend leaving the default option for links.
You can add external links as quicklinks to just about any text box, so if you want to have more control over them you can include several as part of a content topic, for example. Also note that there is a widget called User Links that you can use to add your links to your course homepage, independent of its appearance on the navbar. However, you must first create the links via that navbar link before they will appear in the User Links widget.

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