27 August 2012

Email Instructor

Using this code, you can create a link that your students can click on to "Email instructor." This is HTML that requires some editing before you can use it:
 <a target="_blank" href="/d2l/lms/email/frame_compose.d2l?ou={OrgUnitID}&to=INSERTEMAILHERE&cc=&bcc=" onclick="popup = window.open('/d2l/lms/email/frame_compose.d2l?ou={OrgUnitID}&to=INSERTEMAILHERE&cc=&bcc=', 'PopupPage', 'height=450,width=500,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes'); return false">Email your Instructor via Course Email</a>
Take the code INSERTEMAILHERE (two locations) and replace each with your complete Los Rios email address. Once you have edited this code, you can insert it anywhere in your course offering. You must use the HTML editor to use it, so you will need to click the Edit HTML Source button in the lower-left corner of a text box. Here are the steps to create a news item with this code:
  • Copy the code above.
  • Create a new news item and type in a Headline (e.g., "Email Your Professor").
  • Click the Edit HTML Source button to open the HTML Source Editor window.
  • Paste the code and then replace the string INSERTEMAILHERE with your complete Los Rios email address (two locations).
  • Click the Update button (this cloes the HTML Source Editor window).
  • Feel free to change the link caption if you wish and then click the Save button.

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