27 August 2012

From EduStream to Desire2Learn

EduStream is a resource for CRC faculty who want to share video with their students. Videos there can only be played if referred by a Los Rios web server (like Desire2Learn), which means that a student cannot pass a link to a video on to someone not enrolled in a class. Because of the way EduStream's pages are set up, the only way to share a video via Desire2Learn is to use the New Topic (New File) option with an embedded quicklink with the link forced to open in a new browser window. [VIDEO DEMO]

For some of us that means changing the method we use to provide access to EduStream videos. Thank you Christina Ocrant for creating a desktop video with instructions on how to convert an extant New Topic (Quicklink) to a New Topic (New File) with an embedded quicklink to the same video:

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