24 August 2012

Late Quiz Submissions

On the Restrictions tab for a quiz you can set restrictions regarding late submissions. If you decide to enforce the time limit, the following options become relevant:
The Grace Period determines how many minutes the user has after the time limit has expired to submit their quiz before it is flagged as late.
Late submissions:
  • Select Allow for normal submissions to let users submit quizzes even if the time limit and grace period have expired. Submissions after the grace period will be flagged as late.
  • If you select Use Late Limit and select an amount of time, users are given a grade of zero if they submit the quiz after the time limit + grace period + late limit period.
  • Select Auto-Submit Attempt to have the system automatically submit a quiz after the specified time limit and grace period have expired. When the Auto-Submit Attempt option is active, the system submits all questions saved before the time limit plus the grace period, has expired. However, any questions that have not been saved before this time limit has expired, even if they have been answered, will not be submitted. Users must ensure that they are saving their answers before the time limit expires.

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