24 August 2012

Request a Development Course Offering

The PeopleSoft site (Faculty Request Interface or FRI) that you use to request course offerings can also be used to request a "development" course offering (i.e., one that is not linked to a class and will therefore not have students enrolled). Here are the steps:
  • Log in to the FRI (https://ps.losrios.edu/emp/signon.html)
  • Click on the link D2L Development Course Requests - Faculty
  • Type a name for your course and click the Tab key Note: The word "Dev" and your last name will appear automatically at the beginning of the course name - remember that you can change the name of a course offering inside Desire2Learn
  • Click the Add row button if you want to create more than one development course
  • Click the button Submit Request and your development course offerings will be created in Desire2Learn tomorrow morning - at that time, there will be a Y in the column "Site Created"
Inside Desire2Learn, your development course offerings will be associated with a semester called "Training and Development." Any content you create there can be copied into any of your other course offerings.

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