24 August 2012

Submit a Quiz on Behalf of a Student

If a student leaves a quiz without submitting their quiz, the quiz will be displayed as "In Progress" on the Grade Quiz page, and the Impersonate icon () will appear beside that student's name. You can find these attempts quickly by searching for all users with attempts in progress (choose the search option "Users with attempts in progress" and click the Search button). If you wish to submit the quiz for the user:

  1. Select the Impersonate icon beside the user's name and click OK in the dialog that displays. You now see the user's view of the quiz.
    Note that you can answer questions on behalf of the student.
  2. Click Go To Submit Quiz.
  3. Click Submit Quiz and choose OK in the dialog that displays.
  4. You are automatically returned to the Grade Quiz page as yourself (you are no longer impersonating the user).
Your actions are logged in the Quizzes Event Log. To see this link, click on the attempt for that user. Your name will be attached to the submission but not to any questions you anwered on a student's behalf. The student cannot see the quizzes events log.

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