27 August 2012

Add an External Link to the Navbar

On your navbar you can add a link to an external website, which will be visible to students from any page inside your course offering:
  • Click on the pencil icon () in the upper-left corner of your course navbar to edit it.
  • Click the Actions button of the navbar (Bottom Left, etc.) where you want to add the external link.

  • Click on Add New Custom Link.

  • Enter your link information.
  • Type in the Name you want the navbar to display (this is what students will click on to activate the link).
  • Include the full URL of the external link (i.e., include the http://).
  • It is a good idea to force external links to open in a new window, else your students may lose your course offering page when they close that external web site.

  • Choose your windows dimensions and options.
  • Click the Save and Close button to close this window.
  • Your new link will appear on the navbar.

This link will be copied as part of the navbar copy from one course account to another.

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