03 September 2009

Export/Archive Courses and Grades

Instructors can export courses from Desire2Learn for archive purposes:
  • From the Edit Course page, select Import/Export/Copy Components
  • Choose the Export Components option and click Next
  • Choose the components you want to export and click Next
  • Click Next to confirm, then Desire2Learn generates a .zip file for you to download. Click on the link to download your file.

This file can be imported into any Desire2Learn course offering, so this is one way you can share course components with other instructors. Course offerings remain on the server for three years, so they will be immediately accessible to you during that time.
No student data is included in an export, so this is a poor way to archive class grades. To do this, get to the User List page by clicking Enter Grades on the left side of the page. This page has a button to Export Grades. Click this, and on the following page choose options and click Export to CSV. This creates a file to download that provides the quickest access to grade information for this course offering.

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