03 August 2015

Broken Insert Stuff for YouTube

YouTube changed its settings for allowing other web services to search and embed videos, and as a result we are currently unable to use the YouTube tool in the Insert Stuff dialog. D2L is working on a fix but it will not be in place before spring 2016.

The workaround is to copy the embed code from YouTube's page and paste that into the Enter Embed Code tool in the Insert Stuff dialog. Here are the steps:

image of the embed code from YouTube.
  1. On the web page for a video in YouTube, click the Share link and then Embed.
  2. The embed code is automatically selected, so you can copy it.
  3. In D2L, click the Insert Stuff button in the toolbar for a text box (news item, content file, etc.).
  4. Choose the Enter Embed Code tool and paste your copied embed code.
  5. Click the Next button to preview and then the Insert button.

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