22 August 2011


There is an Attendance tool that you can use to track attendance information and share with your students.

Get started by adding a link to the Attendance tool to your nav bar.

Registers and Sessions

  • Each register is a type of attendance (daily attendance, etc.),
  • Each session is an event within that register (e.g., for a daily attendance register for a class that meets twice a week you will need 32 sessions for a 16-week semester).


  • Schemes provide the criteria for marking attendance.
  • The default system scheme only has the options present and absent, and there are other system-wide schemes that provide additional options, such as late and disruptive.
  • You can create your own attendance schemes.

Entering Attendance Data

  • Once an attendance register has been created, click on it to see a list of students and dates. Click on the Enter Attendance icon for a particular date to enter attendance data for all students for that date.

Viewing Attendance Data

  • Students click on the Attendance link to see a personalized attendance report.

Attendance Data for Withdrawn  Students

  • Look at the Reports tab on the classlist to see a list of student users formerly enrolled in the  course offering. For each there is an icon to look at that student's attendance data.

Note that attendance registers must be created for each course offering and are not included when components are copied from one course offering to another.

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