26 January 2009

Grades Settings for Large Courses

Desire2Learn makes the following suggestions to speed the loading of the grades area if your course has a large number of students:
  • Set the number of users to display per page to a low value
  • Sort the User List by user instead of grades
  • View the User List by section
  • Do not show decimal places
  • Do not repeat user details or grade item details
  • Do not repeat the final grade at the start of the user list
  • Do not select the Automatic keep final grade updated option
  • Only display one user detail (e.g., Last Name)
  • Only display one grade detail (e.g., Points grade)
  • Only display grade items and categories that you want to edit while in Spreadsheet View
  • Do not create unnecessary items or categories
  • Do not create unnecessary calculated or formula grade items
  • Avoid making changes to grade schemes or the grade system once grades are assigned
  • Only import grade items when data has changed

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