08 December 2008

Limit a Syllabus to Certain Students

Revised 11/2013

If you group students from multiple classes into the same course offering, you may want to show some content (like the syllabus) to students enrolled in a certain class. Use the release conditions to do this. Here are the steps:
  • When creating a new topic or editing an existing topic, click the Restrictions tab (this is the same tab that has the date restrictions)
  • In the Release Conditions section, click the button Create and Attach

  • Select Section Enrollment as the condition type in the pull-down menu that appears

  • In the Condition Details portion of the window, choose the section from the pull-down list - you will need to match the five-digit enrollment code that is part of the section name
  • Click Create and you will see your release condition at the bottom of this page.

  • Click Save and this content will only be visible to students who meet the criteria you selected.
After you create a release condition, it will be available for your use on any other item in your course offering. You can click the Attach Existing button to limit other content items, quizzes, dropbox folders, etc. You can copy release conditions from class to class, but this example will not work in any other class because the section code will differ.

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