19 February 2014

View Student List by Class of Enrollment

In a course offering that has multiple courses grouped together, it is easy to view students by class of enrollment. This is especially useful when submitting grades at the end of the semester, as the online grades and rosters system only allows us to submit grades for one class at a time.

On any page that lists students enrolled in a course offering (grades, classlist, special access for quizzes or dropbox, etc.), the default is to view the list by User, which shows all student users enrolled in that course offering. All student users are also grouped by Section within the course offering, and the View By select menu can be used to show students by section instead of showing all students at a time. Select the "Sections" option and then click the Apply button. A Sections select menu then appears, and it includes all classes linked to that course offering. The meeting time for the class appears in the name. Select a class to view and then click Apply again and the page will refresh to show only those student users who are enrolled in the chosen section.
Note that Desire2Learn remembers the view option chosen; keep this in mind when you return to that student list and only see the student users who are enrolled in one class.

This option appears for all course offerings in Desire2Learn, though it has no utility for the course offerings that do not group mutltiple classes together. All cross-listed classes have multiple groupings as do lab/lecture classes that have a unique class number for the lab.

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