08 February 2013

Sharing Los Rios GaGA Documents

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You can use a Los Rios Google Apps (GaGA) document to collect data from students, say for a sign-up sheet. Here are the steps, starting in your GaGA document:
  1. In your GaGA document click the blue Share button to open the Sharing settings dialog box.
  2. Paste the list of your students' GaGA usernames separated by commas to the Add people box (be sure to append @apps.losrios.edu after each student's Los Rios username)
  3. Because not all students have yet upgraded to Los Rios Gmail, do not check the box to notify people via email (you will do this via D2L)
  4. Copy the "Link to share" at the top of the Sharing settings dialog box (this includes a very long string of characters)
Then tell your students the following in D2L:

  1. Log in to the Los Rios Google Apps domain (http://apps.losrios.edu) using your Los Rios username and password
  2. Click on [insert a url quicklink to the "Link to share" you copied from your GaGA document]
If that second step does not work for you, do the following after logging in to Los Rios Google Apps:
  1. Click on the link to "Other Google Apps"
  2. Click on the link to "Drive and Docs"
  3. Click on the link to "Shared with me"
  4. Click on the link to "[name of your shared document]"

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