07 November 2012

Grade by Question and Grades

For a quiz attempt score that has already been sent to an associated Grades item, changes to that attempt's score when grade by question is being used do not get pushed to the Grades item unless the attempt is marked as ungraded and then marked as graded. This is not a problem when the score for the attempt is updated when viewing the attempt, only when viewing the question.

Here are the steps to replicate the problem:
  1. On the Manage Quizzes page, click the icon to grade the quiz.
  2. Click on the tab to grade by Questions
    Note: If you grade by user or by attempt, this is not a problem.
  3. Click in the button to Grade Individual Responses
    Note: If you click in the button to Update All Attempts, this is not a problem.
  4. Make a change in any of the scores for an individual question and click the Save button - the score for the attempt will update and will even appear on the Users or Attempts tabs but will not be pushed to the Grades tool. To do this, take these steps:
  • From the Attempts or Users tab, uncheck the Graded box for that attempt.
  • Click the Update button.
  • Check the Graded box for that attempt.
  • Click the Update button.

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