14 September 2011

Ted videos

Videos from Ted.com can be posted inside your course offering in one of two ways: as a quicklink or embedded.

  • To link a Ted.com video as a quicklink, copy the URL of the Ted.com page that has the video. In Desire2Learn, add a quicklink and select the URL category. Paste the link copied from Ted.com into the "Url" field on the Link Details section of the Insert a Quicklink dialog box. Click Insert (if necessary) and then Save.
  • To embed a Ted.com video, click in the "Embed this video" field and copy the code there. In Desire2Learn, click on the Insert Stuff button on the Advanced formatting toolbar of a text box. Then click the Enter Embed Code button on the Select Media dialog box. Paste the embed code in the "Embed Code" box and click Next. Click Insert and then Save.

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