30 November 2010

Share content confidentially with students

In addition to assessment data, the Grades tool can be used to share other information confidentially with students. Here are the steps to do so:
  1. Create a grade item for this purpose.
    Note: Make it a Text item if there is not a score associated with the content you want to share.
  2. Back on the Grades List / Manage Grades page, click on the Enter grades icon for the item you created.
  3. For a student, click on the Enter comments icon. This opens a pop-up window with two fields. Click on the box "Comments for users:" to add comments for this particular student. You can use the Quicklink button to add links to external videos or course files.
    Note: If you want to share a particular file with a particular student, that file must first be uploaded to the Manage Files area of course.
Students can access this content by going to the Grades page within your course offering.
The video demonstration shows an example using individual videos on EduStream: [VIDEO DEMO]

Thanks to John Gilgun for asking the question.

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