03 December 2012

Retrieving Exams from D2L

The Respondus software that is available on the Windows workstations in DEWD's Multimedia Computer Lab has the ability to retrieve exams from D2L. These retrieved exams can be printed and/or distributed in MS Word.

If you have a test bank in Blackboard format, you can import that into D2L:
  1. From the Edit menu in a course offering, choose Import/Export/Copy Components
  2. Choose the Import option and select the file (it must be a .zip file)
  3. Run the import process – depending on what it is inside you may end up with multiple quizzes and/or sections in the Question Library
  4. Create a quiz in D2L that has the questions you want printed
  5. This video shows how to do the necessary steps inside Respondus to create a Word file:

For more info, read the Respondus blog.