03 December 2012

Retrieving Exams from D2L

The Respondus software that is available on the Windows workstations in L-125 has the ability to retrieve exams from D2L. These retrieved exams can be printed and/or distributed in MS Word.

If you have a test bank in Blackboard format, you can import that into D2L:
  1. From the Edit menu in a course offering, choose Import/Export/Copy Components
  2. Choose the Import option and select the file (it must be a .zip file)
  3. Run the import process – depending on what it is inside you may end up with multiple quizzes and/or sections in the Question Library
  4. Create a quiz in D2L that has the questions you want printed (you may not have to do this if the Blackboard test bank includes a quiz that has all the questions already)
  5. This video shows how to do the necessary steps inside Respondus to create a Word file:

For more info, read the Respondus blog.
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